We operate mainly in the WINDOWS environment.
     Your PC is running very slowly?, Or it is a virus? We will work to correct any problems that you face while advising you on actions to
     protect your computer efficiently.
     Restauration or Reinstalling the operating system.
     Backup / Data Recovery.


     We can mount computers piece by piece according to your needs and your tastes.
     Change or addition of a hard drive.
     Changes in the microprocessor.
     Changes Video Card, or strips memory (RAM).
     Changes motherboard.


     Installing Internet (Livebox, Freebox Neufbox ...).
     Setting up a local area network (up to 8 positions, more on request).
     Wifi, Cpl installation, printer sharing, internet connection sharing ...
     Media Server


We also offer training for beginners, thanks to our expertise, you'll be able to:

     To use your computer and understand how it works.
     Browse the Internet safely.
     Create a mailbox and send messages all over the world!
     To use Office (Word, Excel, Outlook).