Laptop Repair  (hardware)

     Replacement of components (sound card, graphics card, USB port, wireless card, memory) ect ..

     Repair all damaged portable charger PC same brand APPLE

     Replacement hard drive of all sizes and all brands standard IDE, SATA or SSD

     Replacing thermal paste on PAD or laptop card or graphics card

     Replacing video tablecloth on all laptop brands

     Replacement laptop charger power PC all brands

     Screen replacement LCD panel all sizes and brands

     Full or part replacement plastics retail

     Replacement or repair power connector

     Cleaning and dusting fan and heatsink

     Replacement laptop PC keyboard of all brands

     Replacement laptop fan or heatsink PC

     Replacement burner drive

Repairing computer (hardware)

      Replacement or addition of components (sound card, USB card, wireless card, ethernet card)

     Replacement hard drive of all sizes and all brands standard SATA or IDE

     Replacing AMD, INTEL + cooler + thermal paste

     Replacing or adding card reader and floppy drive

     Replacing thermal paste for high quality processor

     Cleaning and dusting fan and heatsink

     Replacing memory or increase strong

     Replacement motherboard all brands

     Replacement fan or heatsink

     Replacing graphics card

     replacement power

     replacement housing

Repair troubleshooting and installation system (software)

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